NJPAAC Symposium Sessions

Adaptive Leadership through Emotional Intelligence – Anais Bailly, LMSW

Participants will learn about emotional intelligence in the workplace and for implementation in girl-centered programs. Emotional intelligence creates the capacity to be aware of, manage, and express one’s emotions and handle interpersonal relationships with fairness and empathy. Facilitator Anais Bailly will guide participants through strategies that utilize emotional intelligence and better invoke emotionally intelligent leadership styles.

Adultism: Gaining Legitimacy – Bethany Stewart

Adultism refers to prejudice and accompanying systemic discrimination against young people and children. This session will focus on dismantling structures and practices that lead to the subjugation of children and girls and provide participants with strategies that lead to the subjugation of children and girls and provide participants with strategies for empowering children and girls in their programs.

Girls Leadership Styles – DeVon Douglass, J.D.

Women and girls are often shut out of or kept from leadership opportunities. As such, this session will focus on how women and girls excel in leadership positions through various leadership strategies and cope with challenges.

Centering the Girl Experience: Needs Assessment and Knowing Your Population – Cherice Arrington, MS.Ed.

Participants will learn how to focus on the needs of their program participants and girls to provide them with the best services within girls’ leadership programs. This session will focus on strategies for better understanding the individual girl through implementing needs assessments and program plans.

About the Speakers

Anais Bailly, LMSW (ABM Solutions)

Anais is an experienced thought leader with a passion for the non-profit organization industry. She is skilled in DEI and anti-racism workshops, capacity building through leadership and staff development, curriculum design, program development & evaluation, and individualized holistic professional and personal coaching.

Bethany Stewart (Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey)

Bethany is the New Jersey Training and Partnership Development Coordinator for Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey. In this role, she launched the New Jersey Partners in Action Advocacy Coalition and designed monthly technical assistance training to support organizational leaders throughout New Jersey. She is also a passionate community activist that works to end systems of oppression, particularly mass incarceration. Bethany has coordinated successful large-scale festival-style fundraising events, testified in front of Philadelphia’s City Council, and traveled the country learning and teaching new techniques for effective community organizing. Bethany is a profound writer and serves as one-third of a podcast trio that discusses the intersections of faith, anti-racism, and justice.

DeVon Douglass, J.D. (Aurora Consulting)

DeVon is an experienced diversity, equity, and inclusion strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the government and non-profit sectors. She is skilled in Community Engagement, Policy Analysis, Organizational Development, Social Media, and Training. She is also a strong education professional with a Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of Tulsa College of Law.

Cherice Arrington, MS.Ed. (Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey)

Cherice is the Associate Director of Programs & Advocacy at Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey. She works with the Director of Programs & Community Engagement to establish community and corporate partnerships, train interns and staff, and lead program evaluation. She also oversaw the expansion of the organization’s local advocacy coalition initiatives. Cherice is passionate about designing intentional STEM opportunities for girls.