Girls Too: Respect Starts Young


The Change We Seek for Girls
Sexual harassment and violence is an epidemic, and it starts at a young age. Still, as a society, we perpetuate attitudes and normalize behaviors that harm girls and follow them into adulthood.
The #MeToo movement brought the issue mainstream. Now Girls Inc. is launching the #GirlsToo campaign to focus on girls’ experiences and build on the conversation to help address the root cause of the problem.
Our goals are ambitious and will take collective action by our network of girls, supporters, and partners from coast to coast. Together, we will succeed when we:
  • Build a culture that no longer tolerates sexual harassment in any form.
  • Change the limiting and harmful messages youth receive about how girls and boys should behave and how they should treat each other.
  • Create communities where girls grow up safe, respected, and valued.
The change we seek needs to start now, and it starts with each of us.

How You Can Get Involved
The change we seek requires all of us to work together. Here’s how you can join us:
Take the Pledge
  • There’s power in making a personal commitment. Take the #GirlsToo Pledge at and encourage others to do the same. Change is possible.
Help Spread the Message
  • Each of us has a network of friends, colleagues, associates, and family members who each have a network of their own. Share social media messages about the campaign to expand the reach and impact.
Implement the RESPECT Steps
  • There are concrete, tangible actions we can all take to make a positive difference. The RESPECT Steps are a great place to start.
  • Reflect – Reflect on your own biases and challenge gender stereotypes
  • Educate – Educate youth about healthy relationships and consent
  • Support – Support and believe survivors who come forward
  • Promote – Promote policies and practices that foster a safe school climate
  • Encourage – Encourage youth leadership and involvement in change
  • Call Out – Call out words and actions that demean women and girls
  • Take Action – Be an “upstander” and intervene to prevent harm
Learn More About the Issue
  • In order to create a world where girls grow up safe, respected, and valued, we have to start from a place of common understanding. Visit the Girls Inc. website to access information and resources to get more informed.