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“My experience at MyWIC Camp was completely different than I thought it would be. I didn’t expect it to be exciting but by the third week I was already loving it and making friends. Girls Inc. taught me the values of being true to myself and talking things over when I had any issues, and the biggest change I have seen in myself is becoming more mature and at peace with others.” -Imani S., 14 years old, MyWIC

“Building was one of my interests since I want to be a robotic engineer when I grow up. Before starting MyWIC, I thought we would be sitting in one room all day learning about construction, but it wasn’t at all like I thought it would be! The projects we worked on stood out to me because I didn’t think we were going to do anything that was hands-on—my greatest achievement was all the things we made, like the copper rose and toolbox! We also learned about finances and investments and the dangers of alcohol.” -Logan W., 12 years old, MyWIC

“Girls Inc. is a place to have fun and be myself. My favorite part of the program was the Around the World Camp. When I showed my poster for Sydney, Australia, I felt proud of what I had done! We also got to go to the Magic Gardens, and I loved it there!” -Ishetha B., 8 years old, Discovery

“The part of Rising STARS that stands out to me the most is when we do problem solving activities, like coding or building robotic sensors. This program has taught me how to communicate and be more open to sharing my thoughts and feelings. To me, Girls Inc. means coming together as a group, learning and exploring ideas, how to help the community, and connecting with each other.” -Yemaya M., 13 years old, Rising STARS

“During the past six years, Girls Inc. has given me the knowledge, strength, and support to cultivate the leader that I am today, and that I will be in the future. I have attended many career exploration events throughout my time in the program that have exposed me to the worlds of marketing, graphic design, sustainable interior design, and technology advancement. I met amazing and innovative women within those fields who showed us that we can decide our future and choose our path.” -Cadence, 16 years old, Eureka!

“I was first introduced to Girls Inc. when I was about seven years old. I vividly remember dropping my sister off and seeing a room full of girls that looked like me doing things I was interested in. Ever since that day, I begged my mom to sign me up, even if I was a few years too young. Throughout my journey at Girls Inc., I’ve made it a point to embody what a Girls Inc. girl should do to excel academically. Ms. Brie has shared study tips and connected me to professionals in STEM careers through career exploration workshops which have inspired me academically! The career exploration workshops also gave me the opportunity to explore possible career paths that include S.T.E.A.M. Through these workshops I have found a passion for air travel.” -Nylah P., 13 years old, Eureka!

“As a Rising STAR, we develop our leadership skills and explore how to make our community a better place. Exploring these topics puts my critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities to the test. We’re encouraged to use our voice and learn from each other about how to become change agents. Girls Inc. motivates me and boosts my confidence to try new things and showcase my skills and talents. In the past, I have been bashful about sharing my art, but I want to share my ideas and creativity to the world. I recently submitted my artwork to my school newsletter for my peers and faculty to see. One day, I hope to share my work with the world, and with the support of my Girls Inc. family, I know I can reach that goal.” -Madison, 13 years old, Rising STARS