Kristal Marcano

Kristal Marcano is currently a senior at Bryn Mawr College studying Mathematics, Education, and Child and Family Studies. Kristal plans on receiving her master’s degree in Secondary Urban Education next year at University of Pennsylvania. As the oldest of seven children, Kristal’s first priority is supporting her younger siblings and helping them find their inner STEMinist in the process. As a high schooler, Kristal became fascinated by the world of extracurricular STEM education and wanted to become involved firsthand.

In January of 2019, Kristal began her journey with Girls Inc. as an intern. Shortly after joining, during that same summer, Kristal joined the Eureka! family too, as a program facilitator. Kristal was blown away by the girls’ open-minded energies, ongoing participation, and their excitement to learn. Now, Kristal works part-time with STEM GEMS where she focuses on creating opportunities for her cohort to explore STEM careers through new innovative and engaging lenses.

Kristal is dedicated to creating a space that inspires girls to be strong, smart and bold through friendship and community while exploring the worlds and intersections of STEM, mindfulness, and wellness.