About the NJPAAC

Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey is launching the New Jersey Partners in Action Advocacy Coalition (NJPAAC). New Jersey organizations feel that leadership opportunities for girls are fractured. As such, the NJPAAC serves as a community of practice, specifically for New Jersey based organizations seeking to develop and improve girls’ led leadership and advocacy initiatives that lead to a decrease in sexual violence against girls within their communities. Training and coaching opportunities are offered statewide, bringing together various youth-serving professionals.


  • Partners will implement girls’ leadership & advocacy programs
  • Partners will report an increase in knowledge and skills
  • Year 1 NJPAAC participants will return as coaches/mentors for Year 2 of the project period
  • Partners will receive a minimum of 24 training hours

Opportunities and How to Get Involved

The NJPAAC hosts technical assistance trainings, quarterly trainings, and Girls’ Leadership Symposia for New Jersey based organizational leaders to support their programs in decreasing sexual violence against girls. Employing a tiered approach, coaching and leadership is offered at different engagement levels within the NJPAAC.

The NJPAAC is comprised of local entities including, but not limited to, churches, schools, recreation centers, non-profit organizations, and social service community-based organizations. Girls Inc. will require entities interested in participating in the NJPAAC to complete an online application, as well as an organizational assessment. Accepted organizations must identify and commit to having at minimum one staff member participate in virtual statewide trainings, symposia, and quarterly meetings.

For more information, please contact Bethany Stewart, Training & Partnership Development Coordinator bstewart@girlsincpa-nj.org

To learn more, view our information sheet.

This coalition is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Rape Prevention Education (RPE) grant funds, administered by the Department of Children and Families, Division on Women.