PEOPLE: Trained staff and volunteers who build lasting, mentoring relationships. Our staff take the time to engage with families, encourage girls to pursue leadership positions, and serve as role models.

ENVIRONMENT: Girls-only, physically and emotionally safe; where there is a sisterhood of support, high expectations, and mutual respect.

RESEARCH-BASED PROGRAMS: Research-based, hands-on and minds-on, age-appropriate, meeting the needs of today’s girls. Our trained staff develop locally-focused programs that ensure girls are exposed to new experiences.

The Strong, Smart, and Bold Outcomes Survey (SSBOS)

During the 2019 Girls Inc. Strong, Smart, and Bold Outcomes Survey (SSBOS), over 4,600 girls across 56 Girls Inc. affiliates in the United States and Canada shared information about their perspectives and experiences. The data collected through the Girls Inc. network’s efforts is extremely valuable as we work together to provide all girls with a high quality Girls Inc. Experience and to make a measurable difference in their lives.

  • The SSBOS was developed in partnership with Child Trends, a leading youth development research firm.
  • There are two age-appropriate versions of the survey, one for younger girls, ages 9-12, and one for older girls, ages 13-18. Each version is available in both English and Spanish.
  • It captures information on girls in the areas of Healthy Living (Strong), Academic Enrichment and Support (Smart), and Life Skills Instruction (Bold).
  • It also provides valuable feedback from girls about their perceptions of and experiences at Girls Inc.

Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey SSBOS Results:

  • 96% of girls have never smoked a cigarette
  • 92%  of girls have never smoked marijuana
  • 92% of girls feel that getting pregnant would interfere with school
  • 92% of do not give up when they get bad grades
  • 87% of girls get mostly A’s and B’s in English, Reading, or Language Arts
  • 84% of girls get mostly A’s and B’s in Science
  • 84% of girls find science fun and interesting
  • 90% of girls want to understand science
  • 86% of girls have visited or plan to visit a college.
  • 86% of girls think about who they will be when they are older
  • 98% of girls feel that they can get involved in their community even as teenagers
  • 92% of girls feel that they can use what they know to solve “real-life” problems in their community
  • 97% of girls think it is important to know how to manage their money well
  • 99% of girls get the opportunity to try new things at Girls Inc.
  • 95% of girls report there is an adult at Girls Inc. who helps them think about their future
  • 96% of girls report that they learn to make a difference in the world at Girls Inc.
  • 90% of girls report that at Girls Inc. they learn they can do anything boys can do
  • 90% of girls report that they have the chance to be a leader at Girls Inc.
Outcome Indicators:








Stronger, Smarter, Bolder: Girls Take the Lead 

The results of a rigorous, comparative study conducted by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) demonstrate the effectiveness of the Girls Inc. Experience through independent data collection and analysis. Read the AIR final report here.

Across 24 dimensions, Girls Inc. girls did significantly better than girls who had not had the Girls Inc. Experience.

Girls Inc. girls are more likely to engage in pursuits and express beliefs that lead to physical and mental well-being, academic achievement, and strong leadership. The findings demonstrate that girls not only thrive at Girls Inc., but they are also more likely than other girls to see themselves as leaders, with the skills and capabilities to influence and improve their local communities.

Informed by both the AIR study and an understanding of what is happening in girls’ lives, Girls Inc. recently released our Stronger, Smarter, Bolder: Girls Take the Lead report, which answers the question:

What can we do for girls to allow them to take full advantage of their leadership potential?

Girls continue to face tremendous challenges throughout their lives. As a community must invest in and expand on what works. Girls Inc. makes a real and lasting impact on the lives of girls and we have the outcomes to prove it. We know how to help girls overcome obstacles and thrive — and we are determined to be a part of the solution.

Positive Performance Measures 

Girls Inc. girls outperform their peers in the following areas: 

Academic Record Outcomes

Standardized English/language arts test scores
Standardized math test scores
School attendance
Suspensions from school

Strong Outcomes 

Exercise regularly
Play on a sports team
Happy with my body

Smart Outcomes 

Science is fun
Science confidence
Understand science
Enjoy seeing how things are made
Curious about science
Want a science job
Excited about science
Enjoy science games
Math is fun
Math confidence
Reading confidence
Post-secondary readiness
School engagement

Bold Outcomes

Positive relationships with adults
Stands up for fairness and beliefs
Civic efficacy
The strong, smart, and bold outcomes measurement survey

View the full report here